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Radio waves travel well in straight lines, but their signal strength is quickly depleted when they go around or through things. This loss of signal strength is a problem that can be experienced inside buildings, estates, built-up or large areas. You might also experience a drop in signal quality over longer distances on flat ground.

To avoid a loss of signal and get the best signal and coverage possible, you can install a radio repeater. A 2 way radio repeater works as a go-between and receives and retransmits your radio signal at the same time. 2 way radio repeaters combined with a proper base aerial or aerials will provide clear instant communications over any area.

This means that a two-way radio repeater can be positioned so you can use your radio over a greater range or in densely built-up areas.


How It Works

You can select digital radio repeaters or an analogue repeater to match the system you are using. Excellent performance is available with a VHF or UHF radio repeater, and these are often put to use in residential or office blocks, hotels and landfill sites. At Connect Mobile Radio we have a variety of different radio repeater models.

Why Choose Connect Mobile?

If you are searching for radio repeaters get in touch with Connect Mobile Radio today. Our friendly team is ready to help you choose the right piece of technology for your purpose, be that a cross band repeater, dual band mobile radio, mobile HF radio, frequency repeater, or walkie talkie repeater.

How are repeater radios used?

Digital mobile radio systems often use repeaters to extend the range over distance or coverage in a built up area or site. Connect can install these in most environments.

Features of Repeater radios

A DMR mobile radio system offers features such as text messaging, individual and group communication, and often safety features for lone workers with GPS positioning. Dual Band DMR mobile radios can operate on analogue and digital, making a DMR mobile ideal for migrating from Analogue to Digital radios.

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