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What is the difference between Licence Free and Licensed Radios.?

A Licence Free do not require an Ofcom Licence and can be used anywhere in the UK. They are not as powerfull as licenced radios and so do not provide as much coverage. Connect can apply for a licence on your behalf.

What are the benefits of licensed radios??

A Licensed Radios are powerfull and provide maximum coverage. If greater coverage is required over say , a large area or large building , they can work with a repeater to provide almost limitless coverage. Licensed radios have more functionailty such as messaging, Tracking, Voice Recording etc. They are also less likely to receive interference.

Do all radios work together?

There are 3 main types of radios 1. Licence Free ( UHF 446 ) 2.  UHF and  3. VHF.Generally UHF works better in built up areas whereas VHF tends to work better and travel further in open spaces. These 3 types do not work together.

How long should the rechargeable battery last for?

A Ni-MH battery will last around 500 cycles , charge / discharge. A Li-ion battery around 1000.

Do you visit site to advise on the right products / system?

Yes we can visit site to discuss requirements and if required carry out a site survey. We can also arrange trial use of radios.

What is the typical life span of a 2 way radio?

A Radios come with 2 years warranty. Typical lifespan of a radio is 3 to 5 years although this can be considerably longer and 5 – 10 years is not uncommon .

What is the difference between Analogue and Digital Radios?

A standard analogue radio is going to decrease in signal the closer you get towards its maximum range, at which point all you hear is white noise. On the other hand, a digital radio is going to remain much more consistent in sound quality regardless of distance to or from the maximum range.

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